Super Happy Fun Sun!


Although this Super Happy Fun Sun prototype doesn't feature customisable bindings, there are a range of control schemes available. Directional movement is handled by any of the following:

  • Cursor keys
  • Numberpad keys 8426
  • WASD (for querty keyboards)
  • ,AOE (for dvorak keyboards)
  • Analogue gamepad stick (axis 0 and 1)

Inertia and gravity are the two main movement challenges in Super Happy Fun Sun. It can be helpful to move in small bursts and coast to maintain control - try to make sure you're going slow enough that you can stop if you need to!

If you lose a comet that you think you need, you can restart by selecting Restart Level from the pause menu.

Additional keyboard shortcuts:

  • * F or Alt+Enter - Toggle windowed mode
  • * Ctrl+P or F12 - Take a screenshot
  • * P or Escape - Pause the game
  • * Alt+F4 (Linux and Windows only) - Quit the game

Last updated: 21 Dec 2015


There are three objectives in Super Happy Fun Sun:

  • Wake planets by orbiting them
  • Find and light up nebulae
  • Set comets into motion

To complete a level, you must wake every planet, and then proceed to the wormhole.

Last updated: 18 Dec 2015


In Super Happy Fun Sun, you can find a range of different celestial objects that have different behaviours.

  • Sun: This is you. Aren't you cute? You can cast light that brings happiness to the universe. You also have a gravitational field that will effect certain objects in the universe.
  • Planet: All of the planets are sleeping. With enough light and warmth, they will wake and come to life. Space is cold though, and the warmth you bring will disappear if you're not quick enough. Colliding with a planet will reset your position.
  • Nebula: Dark nebulae can be found in many places. If you shine your happy light on them, they will glow and begin to sparkle.
  • Comet: Comets will be drawn to your gravitational pull. If you can get them fast enough, they'll light up with happiness. Light from comets can also wake planets and light nebulae, so be careful to not lose them!
  • Asteroid: Asteroids are lifeless rocks that can block your path. Colliding with an asteroid won't hurt you.
  • Wormhole: A wormhole will take you to the next level, but only if you have found and awoken every planet!
  • Black Hole: Massive black holes have a very powerful gravitational pull. Comets can swing behind them, but you can't! Colliding with a black hole will reset your position.

Last updated: 18 Dec 2015